LaTex Templates

ECE Thesis Latex Template Queen’s University May 2019 Authored the template LaTex document used by ECE students for thesis writing ECE Comp I & Comp I Latex Template Queen’s University Feb. 2020, Dec. 2021 Authored the template LaTex document used by ECE students for PhD comprehensive examinations ECE Latex Slides Template Queen’s University February 2020 Authored the template LaTex Presentation Slides used by ECE students. [Read More]

OpenCV Contributions

Reference Plane Generator PR#18083, Resolved #18081 August 2020 Identified and fixed centering issue with make_circle_pattern and make_acircle_pattern() Identified and fixed issue where asymmetric circles were not at 45-degree angles Epipolar Geometry November 2020 Identified and fixed error in the OpenCV Epipolar Geometry tutorial: PR#18848, Resolved #18847 Fixed OpenCV documentation for Fundamental matrix estimation: PR#18849, Resolved #18837 Calibration Documentation PR#19089, #19230 December 2020 [Read More]

YGK Modular Ventilator

Code for Life Ventilator Challenge Montreal General Hospital Foundation March – April 2020 Participated in a 2-week sprint to design and create a life-saving ventilator, ranking in the top 9 of over 1,000 teams and 2,600 participants. Hosted by Montreal General Hospital Foundation, in collaboration with the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), the project was a innovation challenge for a simple, low-cost, easy-to-manufacture and easy-to-maintain ventilator which could be deployed anywhere needed to save lives. [Read More]